Foster Japanese Songs conducts 2 Japanese Artistic Songs events in NY on March!
UN Commission on the Status of Women Parallel event The beauty of the Japanese Song

UN Commission on the Status of Women Parallel event

“Sustainable women's challenge for
Japanese culture with performance of
Japanese songs by Japanese opera singers”

Part of Japanese culture is developed by women. In Heian era, Nyobo, lady servant of empress, developed many famous poems, and novels including “The Story of Genji” by Murasaki Shikibu. The most established, and actually the origin of Japanese theatrical arts, Noh play was originated by a woman, Okuni of Izumo. This event is a presentational concert, lecturing Japanese women's dedication and influences toward Japanese culture with Japanese artistic songs performance.

March 15, 2014

Curtain at 2:30pm

Location: Boss Room
(Church Center, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY)


Ryoko Takei, Sop Vo. & Presentation
Masako Abe, Sop Vo.
Yoko Yamashita, Dance
Takeshi Tanaka, Pf

Program includes:

by Kosaku Yamada

by Kunihuko Hashimoto

Natsuno Omoide
by Yoshinao Nakata o

The beauty of the Japanese Song

concert and lecture

One of our primary activities is to introduce Japanese songs to overseas audiences through live performances and presentations. This concert picks up a composer Kosaku Yamada, the giant of Japanese Songs, and provides his diversed music world, as well as introduces examples of Japan and Japanese scale, which fascinate western musicians such as "Madam Butterfly".

Remember Tohoku:
It was 2011 march 11th that the big earthquake and tsunami attacked Tohoku region of Japan. We, as Japanese, are very concerned about situation of Tohoku. Even after 3 years has passed from the big earthquake and Tsunami, there are many still suffered by the disaster. We will sing Tohoku related songs for them. A charity box is available to support Tohoku region.

March 16, 2014

Curtain at 2:00pm

Location: The Lang
(Hunter College, Department of Theater, 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY)


Ryoko Takei, Sop Vo. & Presentation
Masako Abe, Sop Vo.
Yoko Yamashita, Sop Vo. & Dance
Takeshi Tanaka, Pf

Program includes:

Karatachi no Hana

From “Yuzuru”, Aria of Tsu
“Watashi no Daijina Yohyo”
by Ikuma Dan

From “Madam Butterfly”,
Aria of Butterfly
“Un bel di vedremo”


Presentation & Soprano
Ryoko Takei

Masako Abe

Japanese Dance & Soprano
Yoko Yamashita

Takeshi Tanaka

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Foster Japanese Songs (FJS) is a pro bono activity of Japan Traditional Culture Interchange Association (NPO), leading by professionals of various fields.
It is a project to promote high quality Japanese songs to the world by providing a comprehensive set of assets that will enable anyone – from serious professionals to amateurs who enjoy singing – all over the world to sing Japanese songs.

Ryoko Takei:Representative / Soprano singer, Marketing head of a blue chip company
Yukiko Umewaka:Deputy Representative / President of Umewaka International Inc,
a company producing classical music concert and Traditional Japanese Culture performances
Hiromu Mochizuki:Deputy Representative / Lawyer
Minoru Kuriyama:Chief Marketing Officer / CEO of Antecanis Inc.,
a company of management consulting
Katsuya Watanabe:Chief Information Officer / Software engineer
Misako Matsubara:Art Director / Designer
Rikiya Matuta:Creative Director / President, RISIN Inc., a creative boutique
Kanako Miyoshi:Office Manager / HR manager of a blue chip company
Bunzen Takemura:Office Manager / General affairs manger of a blue chip company
Akane Matsuo:Business development manager / Business Development manager of a venture company
Akiko Hoshina:Translation supervisor / Interpreter / translator
Saaya Kurihara:Translation / Intern